Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Senate Dares Former President Obasanjo To Bring Record of Corruption Against Them

Updated 27 July, 2016
After a closed door meeting yesterday at the Aso-villa on Monday with Presdent Muhammadu Buhari, former president Olusegun Obasanjo while speaking with journalists said that the budget padding scandal in the House of Representatives confirmed his position that the National Assembly was filled with thieves.
However, Bala Ibn Na’Allah, has dared the former President to prove his allegations of corruption against him as a member of the National Assembly.
In the words of the senator;
“I am respectfully taking exception to the statement which I express the hope is not true,” the lawmaker said. “To start with it is not in my character to join issues with an elder statesmen who have had the privilege of superintending over the affairs of our great country Nigeria.
“This exception has become necessary in view of the enormity of the alleged statement to my person and integrity.”
“If former President Obasanjo can come out with one proven record of corruption against me as a person, I promise to vacate my seat as a senator of the federal republic of Nigeria.
“For the records, I was the only member from Kebbi State who did not find it worthy at that time of collecting the sum of N50 million as an inducement to subvert the constitution and provide a constitutional framework for the third term ambition of President Obasanjo.
“I find this statement if it is true to be reckless and terrifying.
“The implications of the statement is to say that the entire over 170 million Nigerians have not elected a single person with integrity among the 469 members of the National Assembly.
“This is definitely rhapsodic and does not conform to common sense and reason.


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