Sunday, 4 September 2016

Are Boko Haram Terrorists Ready For Peace? [READ]

Updated 5 September, 2016
According to The Nation, Aisha Wakil who is fondly called Mama Boko Haram and believed to be close to the Boko Haram leadership, says the group is ready for talks with the Federal Government on the fate of the 219 missing Chibok girls.
Speaking to The Nation over the telephone, Aisha said the leadership of the terrorist sect will make a pronouncement on their plans for the girls soon.
“Since I came back, I have been on their neck. They have now agreed to come out and discuss with the government and bring back the girls. I am for the Chibok girls and all the captives. They are ready for peace. This is what they told me. I think they might post some information on YouTube within 24 hours,”she said.