Sunday, 18 September 2016

Nigerian Air Force Strikes Boko Haram Locations In Borno With Air Strikes [PHOTOS]

Updated 18 September, 2016
he Nigerian Air Force (NAF) has continued efforts to flush out remnants of the Boko Haram Terrorists in the northeast, with air strikes at suspected locations of the terrorists on the outskirts of Tumbin Gini and Tumbin Kayewa Northeastern Borno State.
A statement by the Air Force on Sunday said the bombardment occurred on Friday, September 16.
“The air strikes were as a result of ground based intelligence and successive Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance reports obtained from several missions flown by NAF platforms,” the statement read.
The Air Force said it believed the terrorists were holding a high-level meeting when NAF jets hit the locations.
It stated that a post-strike battle damage assessment of the strikes revealed that the rendezvous was badly damaged with many casualties while those far from the vicinity scrambled to safety.
Weaponised Alpha Jet
The aircrafts involved in the air strikes are the NAF F-7Ni and the Alpha jets.
According to the Air Force, its air offensives have continued to deny the terrorists any hiding place and room for manoeuvre.
“This has enabled unhindered advance by the surface forces as part of the ongoing Operation GAMA AIKI,” the statement further read.
The NAF had in an earlier operation successfully conducted air strikes on Boko Haram terrorists’ camps at Tumbin Rego on August 26 which led to the death of many high ranking members of the group.
The attack is coming nearly one month after the Nigerian Air Force reconfigured an alpha jet for combat role.
The Air Force stated that the achievement followed relentless efforts by the NAF Technical Response Team (TRT).
It says the latest conversion makes it the third alpha jet to be reconfigured under the leadership of the Chief of Air Staff, Air Marshal Sadique Abubakar.
The alpha jet has been reconfigured to carry both rockets and bombs during combat missions.
See Photos Below:

Air force Chief Giving Out Instructions Before The Strike

Weaponized NAF Jets Off The Carry Out The Strike

Photo Of Targeted Location In Sambisa Forest 


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