Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Angry Kaffy Blast Davido Calls Him This... [SCREENSHOT]

Updated 26 October, 2016
Davido annoys Guinness book record holder, Kaffy Ameh and gets called a motherfucker.

The dancer attacked the musician through her Instagram page.

The dance queen apologized to her fans for using profane language Davido is an award winning Nigerian musician who began his music career right after graduation from university. 

The Omo Baba Olowo as he calls himself has worked to achieve the status of A-list musician in the country. 
Kaffy Ameh is Nigeria’s dance queen with a Guinness world record to show it. The talented and relentless dancer is seen in many artistes video who she claims recognize and appreciate the hard work dancers put in for them.
All except Davido who she attacked on her Instagram page yesterday. According to the CEO of Magneto Dance Company, the skelewu singer hired her company and cancelled last minute after weeks of hard work and practice. 

Her major burn was that he shoved them aside like they were nothing and a little respect for their time and efforts would have been a less arrogant way to do things.

In her rant, she called the singer a “mother fucker” and mentioned that “thunder will fire him.” She said: “It’s alright if artistes don’t need us. We are artistes ourselves. 

It is very disrespectful for you to look down at and trample on people who in one way or the other contribute to where u are today.” 

“This message is for those of you that disrespectfully disregard us dancers especially @davidoofficial. If u don’t want dancers express it way before U agree to allow them dance than when u about to climb the stage u decide u don’t need us again. Or tell dancers not to come near u while u perform .wtf. ”

Screenshot Below:


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