Wednesday, 30 November 2016

2 Years In, Nigerians Are Tired Of Buhari’s Admistration

Nigerian are quite used to ‘suffering and smiling’. Half the reason for this peculiar sufferhead nature is that Nigerian Politicians have managed to instill the sort of divisiveness that has ensured that the country is hardly ever united against a bad government.
The rationale is simple, the voting public has come to understand that a Nigerian government in power serves its own interest, its own tribe, its own supporters. It ensures that what a government needs to stay in power is to continue to pander to those interests- tribe, religion, party affiliation. 
While these politicians ask for our unalloyed loyalty on the basis of these shared interests, time and experience have shown that the Nigerian Politician serves three gods, money, power and incompetence.
There’s very little use in examining how we got here suffice to say a man without shoes promised us a breath of fresh air and didn’t come through with his promises. The arguments for his reelection were pretty simple, the man with the broom and the promise of change was trying to ‘Islamize’ Nigeria.
Fast forward two years into his regime which promised to hit the ground running and all the signs point to the fact that we played ourselves. The biggest criticism of the Buhari administration is its handling of the economy and this confusing resort to socialist policies to ‘protect’ businesses even at the expense of the people. The Naira seems to be on the part to becoming as useful as the Zimbabwean Dollar thanks to a float which really wasn’t a float.
An economic recession, as well as an increase in headline inflation, has led to a stagflation (I didn’t even know that was a real word until recently).  Here’s what you don’t need economics to understand, every product you buy is now double its original price, Indomie, sardine, cement, gala….you naaaaame it. 
A recent AFP report waa rather blunt about Nigeria’s economic woes, “President Buhari does not have what it takes to guide Nigeria out of a recession”
The continued detention of the leader of the Shiite sect points to the fact that President Buhari is really not a reformed democrat. Ibrahim El-Zakzaky has been detained without charge since December 2015 while members of the sect have been butchered like animals with the government of Kaduna implicitly encouraging these attacks.
An Amnesty report recently claimed that the Nigerian Army used peaceful pro-Biafran protesters for target practice, killing 150 of them in just onw year- the Nigerian government will kill you.
President Buhari and his supporters remain unshaken regardless and their go-to rebuttal is how Goodluck Jonathan’s government was worse than this and how it was more corrupt. I’m tempted to ask that they #BringBackOurCorruption since the promise to rescue all of the missing girls by December 2015 looks a lkttle off schedule.
Despite the government’s record of failures, it has taken a recent decision to hike data prices to nearly deplete whatever reserve stock of goodwill it was running on. By this time tomorrow, you might not open this link, seeing as you’ll be paying too much for data.


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