Sunday, 25 December 2016

May Thunder Strike Down Anyone That Wishes Us Death” – Nigerian Soldier Lashes Out

It is not easy been a soldier!!
We have cloth in our wardrobes but the nature of the job leaves no chance to wear them!!
Patrol and escort both in the summer and winter
dressing combatantly everyday like an astonaut
while others are asleep we are awake…
While you drink table water and beverages in your homes, we manage water in the jungle
we do this just to suppress terrorism!!!
You lay on beds at night while we lay on tents and trench…
While you think of how to embazzle funds we think of how to attack external forces!!!
It is a work to God and humanity.
You fucking scream when you are cut by blade we endure when we are hit by a bullet!!!
When a soldier die, they dont take it as anything….
To them it is a normal thing!!!
But when their wives have miscarriage the whole earth will hear their cry!!!
May be you dont know we are also born from a woman.
Ohh Lord! I pray that every person, people, community, organization or parastatal that whishes me and my fellow soldiers awful death…..dry thunder from heaven should strike them down..
Do i hear you say amen!


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