Thursday, 29 December 2016

President Bihari's Brother Shekarau Slams Him Says He Has Not Done Anything Solid This Year [Details]

The former minister of education said the president has failed to fulfill most of his campaign promises.
The former minister of education Ibrahim Shekarau on Wednesday, December 28, said President Muhammadu Buhari has failed Nigerians.
Shekarau who spoke to journalists at the closing ceremony of the Islamic Vacation Course in Gombe state, said the president has failed to fulfil most of his campaign promises.
Shekarau who was also a governor of Kano state said over the past 19 months, the president and his team have scored below average on promises made during the campaign period.
“I think the assessment of the All Progressives Congress (APC) government is very obvious on the table,” Shekarau said.
“As a teacher the best way to assess an individual is to assess him on the scheme of his work, on his own promises. If you say you will cover a scheme of work A to D in a given year then I will assess you on that,” he said.
The former governor further cautioned President Buhari and his team on the blame game approach to leadership.
He said such approach does not justify the fact that not has been put on ground by the All Progressives Congress-led administration.
“The government has made a number of promises, particularly Mr. President himself and we have not seen things on the ground.
“There is hardly any concrete thing on the ground that you can see,” the former minister added.


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